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We wish to recognize our donors who have contributed substanially to the enhancement of our facilities in the Equine Hospital. While we have many projects currently underway, we will publish the list of donors for each project as they are completed. Here are the two most recent additions to the Equine Hospital and the list of people and organizations that we are grateful to for their tremendous support.

Equine Lameness and Performance Evaluation Center

The Euqine Lameness and Performance Evaluation Center was dedicated in 2004 and was made possible through the generosity of Mrs. Jean R. Pfieffer-Burt.


Equine Intensive Care

The Equine intensive Care Unit was dedicated in October of 2004 and was made possible through the generosity of the following donors:

Gerry and Faye Lane and John and Saundra Lane Garrett
Ms. Paula Manship
Ms. Jeanne M. Hines
Hubert Charitable Foundation
Downman Family Foundation
Clear Creek Stud - Val & Jan Murrell
The Biedenharn Foundation
Dr. Robert D. Lewis
Stirling Farm - Franice & Len Stirling
Kevin and Tori Lyle Family Fund
Companions - Friends of the SVM
Acadiana Equine Clinic
Ms. Joanne Deangelis and Lincoln Financial
Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey LaPlace
Industrial Fill Materials
A. J. L. Enterprises
New Orleans Fair Grounds & Race Course
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Krantz
Ms. Marie Krantz
Margaret Lawhon
Taub Foundation
Mr. Henry J. N. Taub and Mr. H. Ben Taub
G. W. Racing - Dr. Glen Warren
Mr. Leonard Guerin
Ms. Lindsey M. Flower and Mr. Walter C. Flower, III
Blue Moon Equestrian Center - Ms. Judi Gerhardt
Dr. Eric Busch & Mrs. Vicky Busch
Coopers Mobile Veterinary Service - Dr. Keith Cooper
S&S Farms of Franklinton, Inc.
Elite Thoroughbred Training Center
Ms. Sandra E. Salmen
Mrs. Michelle Rodriguez
Ms. Sydney L. Hines
H&H Supplements LLC
Petsmart/State Line Tack
G. W. and Lillian S. Loewenbaum
Delta Equine Center - Dr. Larry Findlay
Endocrine Diagnostics & Consultation - Dr. Karen Wolfsheimer
Fort Dodge Animal Health
Bryan and Tammy Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Poole, Jr.
Mr. Glenn A. Mueller
Mrs. Gretchen Morgan
Dr. Rustin M. Moore
Dr. George S. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis D. French
Mrs. Elaine Mendel-John
Mr. Wayne Blanchard
Southern Equipment of Lafayette, Inc. - Mr. Allen LeBlanc
Big Beaver Company, L.L.C. - Mr. Jerry LeBlanc
Mississippi Dressage and Combined Training Association
Dr. & Mrs. Dennis M. McCurnin
Ms. Gwen Fairchild
Ms. Tiffany Davis
Dr. Dina Duplantis and Mr. Russel H. Meyer
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Elzer
Dr. and Mrs. David Horohov
Mr. Ed and Dr. Rebecca McConnico
Dr. and Mrs. Peter F. Haynes
Mr. William A. Hines
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Groves
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Klei
Guerin's Quarter Horses - Mr. Leonard Guerin
Ms. Anne Hornbeak
Mrs. Sandra Richardson
James R. and Helen T. Wheatley
Mary Elizabeth Vice
James M. Sylvester, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Nancy Burba
C. Llado Baquet
Lucien & Gloria Barbarin
Mr. Larry & Dr. Allison Barca
Mr. Fred E. Bass
Adolph & Naydja Bynum
Ms. Lois C. Cherrie
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Conerly
Ms. Beverly B. D'Herete
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Dupre
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Ecton
Mr. & Mrs. George Falk
Dr. Laura L. Freeman
Mark & Florence Ganier
Michael & Loni Gaudet
Ms. Erica Geldersma
Paul & Shelia Gerhardt
Ms. Debbie Gordon
Scott & Suzanne Hassler
Jeffrey & Pamela Kent
Ms. Jane C. MacElree
Mr. & Mrs. Nolan Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Alden McDonald
Ms. Ginger S. Morvant
Shelton & Quinny Nuttall
Ms. Nancy G. Orrock
Craig & Greta Peterson
Ms. Carol Petranek
Mr. & Mrs. Percy Pierre
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Pleune
Ms. Jane E. Reale & Mr. Gordon Duckett
Mr. Frederic Regenstein
Dr. Alvin J. Richard
Mrs. Mary Tara
Mr. Anthony J. Tasso, Jr.
Larry & Margo Trollinger
Mr. Arthur H. Yancey II